About Faucet Products Process

1. Raw Material:

Grade A Brass, Billet, Solid Bar, Hollow Bar that we select high quality raw material for producing the whole range of products.

2. Use of Italy IMR Sand Core Equipment &
     Italy IMR Gravity Casting Machine:

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3. CNC Machinery for Precise Dimensions and
      Bright Surfaces:

Dealing with measurements that small with tolerances tighter than +/- .001 inch, which to be applied throughout the production process to ensure that each part is machined to the right size and shape, in accordance with specified tolerances. And the Bright Surfaces CNC Machinery can carry out the grinding of the internal diameter, outer diameter, and also the flat surfaces. It’s enables to grind surfaces of all shapes.

4. Spanish Automatic Polishing Machine:

To improve efficiency and ensure repeatability with polishing process, with a wide variety of products.

5. Lastly, Hand-Finishing-And-Preliminary-

Check on the impacts were influences of colour / finish, inspection angle and surface are good in condition.

6. Individualized-Quality-Assurance:

To ensure quality test results.

7. Exceptionally Flawless Plating Process:

Application of flawless bright finishes.

8. Assembling Preparation:

Ready assemble the product.

9. Laser Engraved Acolia Logo & Cartridge

10. Water Leakage Test:

11. Handle Installation:

12. Finished product:

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