Acolia Nano Ceramics

Acolia Nano Ceramics - Nano Technology

- Nano Glaze Surface

- Self Cleaning Glaze

Invisible antibacterial function, the visible cleanness

Ultra-smooth bottom glaze + nanometer composite self-cleaning glaze is double layer antibacterial and full automatic manipulator glazing can uniform and smooth glazing surface, with the thickness of 1.2mm (industrial 0.8mm), to effectively prevent surface dirt accumulation and bacterial breeding.

- Nano Self-Cleaning

Cleaning Technology

According to the testing, the surface roughness Ra of Acolia self-cleaning glaze = 0.032m, while the surface roughness Ra of ordinary glaze = 0.2m. When the dirt comes into contact with the glaze, the smoother the surface, the smaller the contact area is, and the smaller the interact on force between the surface and the dirt. When the dirt is washed with water, the surface with smaller contact area, that is to say, the smoother surface is easier to be rinsed out.

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