Bathroom Feng Shui Knowledge

Bathroom Feng Shui Knowledge

Bathroom Feng Shui Knowledge

1. Always keep the bathroom door closed.

2. Make sure to keep the toilet lid closed.

3. Replace any torn curtains with new ones.

4. Keep the bathroom clean, fresh and airy. Use a good air freshener.

5. Make sure that the bathroom receives ample sunlight and fresh air.

6. Keep windows, ventilators and doors of bathroom clean.

7. Place a mirror on the door of the bathroom, this’ll make the “Qi” bounce back into the house/room and not enter the bathroom or toilet. Just make sure that the mirror is placed as per rules of feng shui.

8. Get the best essential aromatic oils for a relaxed bath.

9. If there’s a bathroom in North-East or South-West then;

- Hang a metallic wind chime in the bathroom.

- Make sure that there are no Chinese symbols on the chime.

- Make sure that no one passes or sits under the wind chime.

- Place metallic colored rugs such as gold, silver or grey; circular shaped ones must be preferred.

10. If there’s a bathroom in South then;

- Hang a crystal ball in the window of the bathroom; the rainbow lights from the crystal will reduce the bad fire energy.

- Make sure to cleanse the crystal ball as it’s going to absorb negative energy.

- Alternatively, you can also use a crystal geode which is a rock with hollow center.

- Place square shaped skin colored rug; you can also opt for yellow, pink or chocolate brown colored ones.

11. If there’s a bathroom in North then;

- Place some lush green houseplants in the bathroom.

- Put a square shaped rug in shades of green.

12. If there’s a bathroom in East or South-East then;

- Place glitter lamps in the bathroom and make sure to turn them on for around 2-3 hours daily.

- If glitter lamps aren’t your thing then you can light candles in the bathroom.

- Triangular rugs in shades of red are best for such a bathroom.

13. If there’s a bathroom in West or North-West then;

- Just place an urn with water in the bathroom.

- Place blue shaded rug; if possible, get a wavy shaped one.

*Source : Fengshuipundit

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